Friday, January 15

**Purge negative people from your life. Life is VERY short.

Purging people you do not like is not a solution. It is mostly just a negative emotional reaction that arises with the desire - not to deal with someone who makes you feel bad. It is pure phlegma and not understanding - why you need to run away. 

If you are free inside your head, no one can touch you. But such freedom is connected with understanding and so - with wisdom. It is knowing why this/that person does what he does and why I - myself react as I react.

It is worth thinking about it. Anyhow, if the psychic energy is low, a runaway is also a solution for some short time - since turning away from any problem, when you cannot deal with, makes sense. But this is never a long time solution. Understanding oneself is the only way for peace inside.

Situations will come, where a runaway will not be possible any more - and without understanding yourself, the stress and pressure can destroy you in time beginning with serious physical problems.