Thursday, November 26

You're the only one who can break the wall
I wish you knew that

The wall that I build to protect my heart
from it bleed being thorn apart.
To protect it from the love that
I don't deserve at the first place except you.

I wish you could understand
my feelings
my emotion
my life

I wish..
I cried.
This morning.
Yes I cried on his shoulder.
I wish he knew what I feel.
I love you.
I do, it just one part in my life are missing and
I need to find my way back to be that person again.

Thursday, November 26,2015

Tuesday, November 24

Dear sunset.

I miss being at beach.
Watching the suns dissapear from the skies.  
Looking at the skies waiting the clouds change their face. 

I miss being at beach.
While my feet are wet
While I'm holding my self tide.

I'm lost.
I dont even know where I am. 


Accept me for who I am.